From Idea to Prototype and Beyond
Siemens LabView 3D
LabView 3D allows Siemens to visualise their laboratory track solutions for communication purposes to their clients. It uses virtual reality to provide an interactive and dynamic image of the laboratory.

Within the tool everything is modelled and programmed as close to reality as possible giving a truly realistic view of the solution.
ViviLumenStreet lights always look the same, ViviLumen changes this making street lights more beautiful and dynamic.

Lebro Design helped to reprogram the ViviLumen for their new location.
Lego Labs
Lego LabsLego allows us to build your design in scale, which provides you with a better overview of your own design. Changing your layout can be done alone or together with your client.
The Gimbal is a piece of hardware developed for Secure in Air, it allows them to shoot panoramic photographs with different lenses. It also enables for automatic or manual control of the camera.
Interior visualisation
Plot your future interior using virtual reality. This solution provides a dynamic and interactive view of your future furniture. Using the software objects can be taken from a library to design your own desired interior.